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Are you looking for comprehensive adult ESL curriculum to teach effective business communication skills? Look no further, get effective teaching kits now!

With these kits:

  • Your students gain the necessary English language skills they need to excel in their professional lives.
  • You’ll get the teaching resources you need to develop business communication skills in your students.

Adult ESL curriculum kits include teaching strategies and resources including student activities designed to help learners succeed.

Adult ESL Curriculum Kits for Teaching Adults Business Communication Skills

Are you a new English teacher looking for relevant and engaging English language curriculum for adults?

Teaching English to adults in a business setting requires knowledge of the language and specialized tools, techniques, and skills to effectively prepare people for job-related tasks.

Equipping them with the right resources and tools ensures your students are prepared with excellent reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities to give them an edge in the international business community.

Get started now and instantly download files to teach adult English language learners business communication skills.

Who are these curriculum kits for?

Do you teach English? Are you a digital nomad teaching English online?

These adult ESL curriculum kits include everything you need to get started teaching business communication skills. They are easily used with groups, one-on-one, online, or physical classroom environments.

What You’ll Get

You’ll get relevant, engaging, and meaningful teaching resources for students to focus on the vocabulary and phrases used in business communication.

With these adult ESL curriculum kits, your students learn how to use language effectively. They are designed with plenty of opportunities for students to practice new language skills.

Your purchase includes:

  • 40-minute English language teaching materials for adult students
  • PowerPoint slides and activities
  • a Student Handout
  • audio and/or video files and links for listening activities
  • English language vocabulary and statements for the business world

Get Your Curriculum Kits Now

These kits are designed for 90% student talk time and include all four domains of the English language for students to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Complete your purchase and instantly download files with everything you need.

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