Sharpen Listening Skills with Informed Guesswork


This adult ESL curriculum kit includes everything needed to teach how to sharpen listening skills with informed guesswork. Equip adult ESL students with essential skills for confident and professional English communication with resources focused on enhanced listening with informed guesswork. Get it now!


This adult ESL curriculum kit includes everything you need to get started teaching how to sharpen listening skills for informed guesswork. It’s easily used in groups, one-on-one, online, or physical classrooms.

Curriculum Outline

Focused on language skills to help adult English language learners enhance their listening skills, you’ll get:

  • Context clues, examples, and practice exercises.
  • Listening activities to sharpen listening skills for informed guesswork.
  • Examples of structured notes in business settings.

This kit helps adult ESL students in English business settings.

Guided Activity Resources

You’ll get step-by-step guided activity resources for adult English language students to:

  • Practice identifying relevant vocabulary when listening.
  • Describe context clues and how they are applied.
  • Practice identifying main ideas and supporting ideas based on real-world listening materials.

This curriculum package is designed for 90% student talk time and includes all four domains of the English language for students to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

What You’ll Get

  • One PDF PowerPoint presentation for English teachers.
  • One PDF Student Handout for writing and comprehension activities.
  • Three audio files for the listening activities.

Get this adult ESL curriculum kit now for everything you need to teach adult ESL students how to enhance their listening skills.

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