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Welcome to the Adult ESL Curriculum blog, where we share insights, resources, and tips to support teachers and learners of English as a Second Language. Our ultimate goal is to help learners achieve English language proficiency. Whether you’re a teacher looking for resources to support your classroom instruction, or a learner seeking to improve your language skills, we have the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals. Stay tuned for regular updates and new resources to help you unlock your full potential in English language learning.

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  • How to Prepare a Behavior Management Plan for Teens

    Need to create an effective behavior management plan for teens? Learn the steps needed to develop a practical and effective plan. This blog post highlights specific criteria needed to prepare a behavior management plan for high school students. Background Working with teens to address behavioral issues constructively has been my focus for over two decades.…

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  • How to Use an English Salon for Integrated Skill Development

    This blog post includes English Salon ideas for lesson plans to help students develop their knowledge of language, the meaning of words, and confidence. Prepare Students If you’re looking to develop an English Salon for your high school curriculum to help improve your high school students’ integrated skills, you’ve come to the right place. English…

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  • What are Effective Conflict Resolution Activities for Teens?

    Helping teens learn to address conflicts peacefully is essential for their development. Get teens’ strategies and conflict resolution activities to set them up for success. This resource page shares a list of the most comprehensive strategies and resources for teaching teenagers conflict management and conflict resolution skills. Get 10 conflict resolution activities for teens now!…

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  • Proven Conflict Management Model for Teens (4 Stages)

    Conflicts in relationships are a part of life. This doesn’t mean teenagers should have to deal with them alone. Introducing teens to conflict management activities and strategies equips them with the skills to handle disputes constructively and respectfully. This blog post includes six engaging conflict management activities, a conflict management model with practical strategies,  and…

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  • How to Teach Teens Valuable Communication Skills

    As teenagers grow and develop, it’s important to ensure they have effective communication skills. Active listening is an important tool for teens to build relationships and positively interact with the world around them. To help young people practice their abilities, try a range of engaging communication games and icebreaker activities specifically designed for teens! This…

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  • How to Teach Conflict Management Styles

    Looking for ways to teach teens conflict management styles? Get the necessary tools, tips, and advice now. Read on! This blog post includes unit and lesson plan strategies for teaching high school students about conflict management styles. Background Working with teens to find constructive ways to address conflict has been a focus of my career…

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  • How to Teach the Cycle of Conflict to Teens

    Teaching high school students how the cycle of conflict influences interpersonal relationships is important for their development. This blog post contains lesson planning strategies to help educators equip students to recognize and effectively manage the cycle of conflict. Background Conflict resolution is a key component of the cycle of conflict. As a dedicated educator and…

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  • Exclusive Conflict Resolution Activities for High School

    Are you looking for conflict resolution activities to help teach high school students effective techniques? If so, this blog post offers up six fun and interactive activities designed to give students the skills they need to resolve conflicts effectively. These activities, from role-play to talking circles, will equip your high schoolers with the necessary communication…

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  • How to Practice Learning Focused Instructional Strategies

    Learning focused instructional strategies improve student success! Get 9 resources with instructional strategies focused on student learning to achieve greater success. Background Utilizing the SIOP Model for my high school lesson plans, I use effective instructional methods specifically designed with English Language Learners in mind. This model incorporates evidence-based strategies, and with a Master of…

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  • How to Improve Lesson Delivery

    Improve SIOP lesson delivery for better student engagement and higher learning outcomes! Discover how in this guide. Background The SIOP Model is my go-to for high school lesson plans. This model incorporates evidence-based strategies to ensure students of diverse backgrounds get the most out of their learning experiences. Combining my Master in Education, Master in…

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