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Welcome to the Adult ESL Curriculum blog, where we share insights, resources, and tips to support teachers and learners of English as a Second Language. Our ultimate goal is to help learners achieve English language proficiency. Whether you’re a teacher looking for resources to support your classroom instruction, or a learner seeking to improve your language skills, we have the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals. Stay tuned for regular updates and new resources to help you unlock your full potential in English language learning.

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  • 4 Powerful Strategies for Teaching Adults English as a Second Language

    Struggling to find the right approach for teaching adults English as a second language? This blog post shares four powerful strategies to help you achieve your goals. Teaching Adults English as a Second Language Teaching adults English specifically for business communication requires a dynamic approach. Interactive activities, incorporating various media and technologies, and conversation practice…

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  • Comprehensive Lessons to Teach Adults English

    Are you looking for lessons to teach adults English? This blog post explains important principles for comprehensive lessons to teach English language learners business communication skills. Background For over two decades, I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for teaching into a career. My most recent role is teaching English to adult language…

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  • 10 Ways to Master Teaching Adults English

    Teaching adult English language learners about business communication can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. With the proper tools and resources, your students will be well-prepared to enter the business world with compelling writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills.  This guide will cover the basics of teaching English language learners business communication and provide…

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  • Step-By-Step Practical Lessons for Teaching Teens About Body Language

    This blog post is an instalment in a collection of hands-on activities and lesson plans specifically designed to help teens learn how to communicate effectively. It also includes helpful resources to teach adolescents the basics of body language and how to confidently send messages using nonverbal cues. Background As a professional educator and experienced parent,…

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  • Complete List for How to Teach Teens Communication Skills

    Do you want your teens to communicate more clearly and effectively? In this blog post, I share a list of the most comprehensive strategies and resources for how to teach teens communication skills.  This resource page includes lesson plans and strategies to help teens learn the basics of communication. You’ll find tips for being respectful,…

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  • Powerful Communication Activities for Teens

    Struggling to find effective communication tools for teens? This guide has you covered with engaging and interactive communication activities designed just for them! Boost their communication skills with these strategies today. This blog post is part of a series that provides lesson plans and communication activities for teaching teens communication skills. You’ll discover resources to…

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  • How to Teach Teens Communication Style

    Are you looking for activities to help teens learn and improve their communication skills? This communication styles activity is designed to help them understand the different types of communication styles and develop self-confidence in expressing themselves. Background For over two decades, I have developed courses and lesson plans for post-secondary students, teachers, and teens to…

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  • How to Teach Teens Communication Skills

    Are you looking for practical strategies to teach teens communication skills? Types of communication and communication styles are vital when teaching teens the importance of effective communication. This article provides an overview and introduction to the topics covered in this series. Background During my career spanning over two decades, I developed curriculum and lesson plans…

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  • Top EdTech Tools for Teaching and Learning

    Discover the top education technology tools to help teachers save time, organize activities, and engage students. Get started now! This blog post comprehensively lists fun education technology tools for teachers to use in high school curriculum and lesson plans. Background Looking back to 2000, transitioning from overhead projectors to PowerPoint presentations was a huge leap…

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  • Easy Lesson for High School Art Curriculum Using Social Studies

    High school art curriculum should strive to equip students with the knowledge to successfully develop their creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and social-emotional learning. Including subjects like social studies is one way to bring activities to life. This blog post includes a lesson plan integrating social studies and art for high school language learners. Bring out…

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